A solution to collect real-time, analyze, predict,
and visualize big data generated from IOT services

AI platform BigData

We dream a dream, and Funzin makes it reality.

Data measured by a smart meter is analyzed by means of a remote meter to monitor the electric power consumption
automatically and transmit that information through the communication network

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Providing differentiated solutions accumulated through automotive joint
development and partnership projects as well as quality services

Smart Car Business

We dream a dream, and Funzin makes it reality.

When a driver gets in the car, his/her face is recognized and the vehicle status is optimized for driving accordingly. The seat motion, side mirror angle,
and cluster are adjusted so that even if a married couple drive alternatively, the driving conditions are customized for each automatically.

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Based on the accumulated network operation knowhow,
we provide a higher level of network managed services than mere facility maintenance.

5G Wireless Communications

We dream a dream, and Funzin makes it reality.

Throughout various areas of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G including CDMA/WCDMA/Wibro/LTE,
we have secured network operation technologies for base stations, transmissions, and switching networks.

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Discovering Funzin

Based on the interactive mobile telecommunication technologies including 3G and 4G,
Funzin will continue providing creative products and services full of ideas and joy by expanding
its business areas to cover loT, T-commerce, telecommunication engineering, and smart car.



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